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The Casino Experience – A Review


Oct 18, 2023


There’s something so luxuriating about walking into a casino. The sweet smell of excitement, the bright flashing lights and the promise of a slice of heaven if you play your cards right. It’s no accident that casinos are designed in a way that plays on human psychology to keep us spending money all night long.

For one thing, there’s always food and drinks available – whether you want a quick snack or a five-course meal. And the casino game selection is huge. From table games like poker and blackjack where you can test your wits against others to the ever popular slot machines which require a little less skill but can be quite lucrative if you hit on the right combination of symbols.

Another key aspect of casino design is how they encourage you to spend more money by offering comps (free stuff) to “good” players. From free hotel rooms to dinners to show tickets to limo service and airline tickets for those who spend the most time in the casino, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend your money there.

While Scorsese’s depiction of Vegas is certainly a dark and seedy affair, he also manages to convey an element of nostalgia. In the end, he’s not convinced that the old days will return but rather skeptic about what will eventually replace them. While the cast is impressive (with a particularly standout performance from Robert De Niro as Ace), it’s Sharon Stone who truly steals the show.