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Casino – A Movie About Greed and Corruption


May 17, 2023


Casinos are places where champagne glasses clink and gamblers mingle, generating an intoxicating atmosphere that can make even the most jaded individuals lose track of time. The opulent decor and neon lights, the sounds of clinking slots and ringing cards, and the smoky air fill casinos with a rush of excitement that can’t be replicated in any other place.

Casino is a film about greed and corruption, but its real-life implications are far more massive than that. It reveals how the mafia lost control of a city that was minting billions in gambling revenue and shows how Vegas continues to reinvent itself. It is also one of the most violent movies Scorsese ever made, with brutal scenes that include the torture of De Niro’s character, the murder of Sharon Stone’s Ginger McKenna by Joe Pesci’s Santoro, and the dumping of a corpse in a cornfield.

Most people associate casinos with slot machines, and they are right to do so – slots make up between 65 and 80 percent of casino revenues in the United States. However, there are many other games to try at a casino including poker, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker.

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