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Overrepresentation: An Overview of the Issues Surrounding the Identification of English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities 2016 31 2 135 KB
Elvira Sanatullova-Allison School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership College of Education Oklahoma State University Victoria A. Robison-Young School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership College of Education Oklahoma State University

This paper addresses the serious and pervasive problem of the mis-identification of English Language Learners (ELLs) as Learning Disabled (LD). Recent increases in immigration make this problem all the more urgent. The paper outlines problems with current methods of differentiating between learning disabilities and language acquisition processes. These problems come in part from apparent similarities between learning struggles and language struggles and in part from insufficient or biased methods of identifying learning disabilities in ELLs. Misunderstanding, bias, and poor structuring and implementation affect both assessment-based evaluations and the Response to Intervention evaluation process. The paper goes on to suggest more effective methods that include consideration of the home and learning environments in addition to evaluation of the individual learner.... [more]

Józefa Bragiel Przemyslaw Eugeniusz Kaniok Opole University

Integrated education in Poland has been implemented since 1993. This alternative form of education very quickly resulted in an increased number of integrated classes in mainstream schools and a decreased percentage of students with disabilities in segregated education. Research indicates that the process of “opening of society to disability” is progressing. Despite the fact that the functioning of individuals with disabilities in the system of integrated education was investigated mainly through research conducted among teachers and students, there were not many studies indicating parents’ attitudes towards the implementation of that idea. Therefore, the main purpose of this paper is to describe the results of research on parents’ perceptions of integrated education in Poland. The presented article illustrates parents’ points of view regarding benefits of integrated education for children with disabilities as well as their peers without disabilities. Moreover, it depicts levels of parents’ satisfaction with integrated education. Findings revealed that 92 percent of parents, whose children had disabilities, were “very satisfied” and 8 percent of them were “fairly satisfied”. On the other hand, 84 percent of parents with children without disabilities were “very satisfied” and 16 percent were “fairly satisfied”.... [more]

Outcomes of a Cross-Cultural Seminar on Increasing the Perceived Self-Efficacy of Teachers in Tahiti 2016 31 2 120 KB
Dr. Jamie Hoffman, CTRS Sacramento State University Kristen Cummings, M.S, BCBA

When educating international special education teachers, teacher self-efficacy should be evaluated to better understand the effectiveness of training and the delivery of services to students with disabilities. Professionals in the field of disability services, from the United States, conducted a five-day seminar with special education teachers in Tahiti. Participants were self selected teachers from the islands of Tahiti. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the self-efficacy previous to and after the five-day seminar. Teachers self-efficacy was determined through self-reported surveys. Results proved that cross-cultural seminars are beneficial for increasing the self-efficacy, as well as the knowledge base of international teachers in Tahiti. In addition, findings add to a limited research base for education of international teachers as well as the data collected in French Polynesia.... [more]

Primary to post-primary transition for students with Special Educational Needs from an Irish Context 2016 31 2 308 KB
Mr. Tom Foley School of Education University College Cork Ireland Dr. Shane Foley School of Medicine University College Dublin Ireland Dr. Alicia Curtin School of Education University College Cork Ireland

This paper explores primary to post-primary transitions for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) within mainstream schooling in an Irish context. A questionnaire was distributed to a cohort of sixth class students (n=58) from four different primary schools in advance of their transfer and results were then compared with a similar cohort of first year students (n=63) from two post-primary schools following the transfer. The perspectives of the key stakeholders involved in the transition process were gained through questionnaires (n=10) and semi-structured interviews (n=5). Findings indicate that while a minority of first-year students experience transition difficulties, students with SEN encounter greater obstacles during this crucial time of transfer with increased anxiety and are more vulnerable and prone to bullying than their typically developing peers. Schools should place greater emphasis on transitions involving those with SEN due to their increased vulnerability.... [more]

Vasiliki Efraimidou Maria Sidiropoulou Paraskevi Giagazoglou Miltiadis Proios Vasileios Tsimaras Anastasios Orologas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effect of a music and movement intervention program on gait, balance and psychological parameters of 10 male athletes in throwing events (ball and disc) with Cerebral Palsy (CP) (spastic hemiplegia), all coming from a sport club in Thessaloniki. Participants were divided randomly by methodical selection into two groups, the Intervention Group (IG) (n=5) and the Control Group (CG) (n=5). The IG participated in a music and movement program of 16 sessions (8 weeks, with a frequency of 2 times/week for 50 minutes per session), which designed on the base of the theory of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) method. Audit results showed differences on gait, balance and psychological parameters were statistically significant (p≤.05) prior and after the intervention program for the IG, but not for the CG (p>.05). In conclusion, the application of a music and movement program designed on the base of the theory of RAS method had a positive and significant influence in motor and psychological skills.... [more]

Comparative Investigation of Differences between Special and General Education Teachers’ Perceptions about Students with Autism in Turkey 2016 31 2 119 KB
Muhammed A. Karal, M.S. Paul J. Riccomini, Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Increased rates of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are documented throughout the world. In Turkey, there are currently 100,000 students under the age of 14 with ASD and increasing each year by approximately 5,000 students. As a result of the current population and increased prevalence, special education and general education teachers are providing educational services to increasing numbers of students with ASD. The purpose of this study is to examine teachers’ perceptions of students with ASD. The Autism Attitude Scale for Teachers was administered to 117 general education (n= 53) and special education (n= 63) teachers in 19 Education Centers for Children with Autism in Turkey. Results indicate both groups are receptive to students with autism, but special education teachers have more positive perceptions of students with ASD. Implications for teacher certification programs and continued professional development initiatives are presented.... [more]

Content Validation of the Scale of Teachers' Attitudes towards Inclusive Classrooms (STATIC) 2016 31 2 90 KB
Trisha Sugita Nishimura, Ph.D. R.T. Busse, Ph.D. Chapman University

The purpose of this study was to examine the content validity of the Scale of Teachers’ Attitudes towards Inclusive Classrooms (STATIC). An expert panel of 20 special education teachers and five university faculty members provided individual item ratings on a five-point scale regarding wording and content, along with comments. Item and comment analysis indicated that the wording and content of several items were not aligned with current practice or IDEIA. Suggestions for revision of the instrument are offered.... [more]

Examining the attitudes and concerns of the Kenyan teachers toward the inclusion of children with disabilities in the general education classroom: A Mixed Methods Study 2016 31 2 206 KB
George Odongo, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Special Education Averett University Roseanna Davidson, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Special Education Texas Tech University

The philosophy of inclusive education aims at enabling all children to learn in the regular education classrooms. It is widely believed that the successful implementation of any inclusive policy is largely influenced by teachers being positive about the expectations. Grounded in Positioning Theory, this study was conducted to examine the attitude, perceptions and concerns of Kenyan teachers toward the inclusion of children with disabilities in the regular education classrooms. The study participants were 142 Primary School teachers from 10 Primary Schools in a school district in Western Kenya deliberately selected from schools identified as actively implementing inclusive education programs. The overall findings indicate that teachers have a positive attitude towards inclusion of children with disabilities in regular classrooms. Overall, the study showed that attitudes, perceptions, and concerns of the teachers influence their acceptance and commitment to the implementation and success of inclusive education.... [more]

Investigating the Impact of School Administrator's on the Frequency of Physical Restraint in K-12 Schools. 2016 31 2 163 KB
Richard Dowell, EdD Principal, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Karen Larwin, PhD Youngstown State University

The purpose of a physical restraint is to control the behavior of a student. It can involve physically holding a person immobile against his or her will to using chemical or mechanical devices to control a person. This study was designed to contribute to the paucity of existing research literature in regards to a school administrator’s impact on the physical restraints utilized in public schools. To date, there are no national standards for the use of these procedures in schools. The current investigation examines frequency of physical restraints, behaviors that lead to the use of restraints, the application of physical restraint and the administrator’s attitude and efficacy regarding its use. Significant findings and implications for educational leaders were discussed.... [more]

Implementing Portfolios Using Tk20: An Educational Assessment System 2016 31 2 175 KB
Jie Zhang, Ph.D. Moira A. Fallon, Ph.D. Allison M. Wright, M.A. Department of Education and Human Development The College at Brockport State University of New York

The purpose of this paper is to share results of collaborative effort introducing special education portfolios into an inclusive teacher education program using the Tk20 assessment system. Tk20 is an assessment system for both providing evidence of educational skills and achieving that evidence in such a way as to demonstrate growth of teacher candidates. This is not only important for the teacher candidates as they push themselves professionally, but it is also a crucial aspect of accreditation requirements for teacher education programs. Therefore, the focus of the paper is on the usefulness of standards based, working and exit electronic special education portfolios in teacher education. The three instructors report teacher candidates’ learning outcomes and professional development by analyzing data in a special education portfolio via Tk20 from special education courses in three phases of a teacher preparation program prior to student teaching practicum. We describe the lessons learned and focus on victories and challenges in our planning and implementation process. We also suggest recommendations for others to implement the interdisciplinary efforts for effective collaboration into a college wide, electronic educational assessment system in order to track the performances of teacher candidates over time.... [more]

Young Adult Books: Helping to Prepare Teachers for Augmentative Alternative Communication 2016 31 2 122 KB
Dr. Vicki Donne Robert Morris University

Many educators have reported limited education in their training or preparation programs on assistive technology and communication devices. The present study reported on action research conducted in this area using book study groups. Participants included graduate students enrolled in a face-to-face course required within their special education teacher preparation program. Qualitative data were collected via participants’ reading reflections and indicated that use of young adult literature facilitated constructing new knowledge regarding disabilities, assistive technology, and augmentative alternative communication devices and builds on their reflective practices. Furthermore, these future special educators may extend use of the book study with K-12 students.... [more]